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TrueMajority was founded by Ben Cohen, Co-founder, Ben and Jerry's. It is a grassroots education and advocacy joint project of UsAction and UsAction Education Fund.

The 10 founding principles outline our the philosophy of TrueMajority.

Once you register with TrueMajority, you are allowed receive email alerts about electoral campaign issues, activities and events which may only be sent to TrueMajority members.

After you register we will also send you e-mail alerts on critical issues. With one click of a button you can either send our suggested letters and petitions or edit them yourself (and we'll still send them for you.) You are always free not to participate in any specific issue or remove your name from our list.

The central objective of TrueMajority is to increase America's investment in programs that benefit our children (like schools, health care, HeadStart) by cutting Cold War weapons systems and shifting the savings. That's just 15% of the Pentagon budget but would make $60 billion available every year to meet children's basic needs.

We think it's crazy that our taxes go to build new nuclear bombs while kids' healthcare programs are slashed, and it's immoral that hurricane victims drown while their National Guard units are off dying in Iraq. The 615,000 grassroots members of TrueMajority speak out with calls, letters, marches and emails to end this war, and have a plan to prevent the next one by investing more in schools and healthcare instead of wasteful super-weapons.